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Frequently Asked Questions by List Members

Why am I not immediately subscribed to a list?

All lists require email confirmation by the subscriber (this is called "double opt-in"). This prevents you from being subscribed to a list against your will. Many (but not all) lists also require approval by the list administrator in order for a person to be subscribed. If you aren't immediately subscribed, you either haven't confirmed your email address or the list administrator hasn't acted on your subscription request.

If the mailing list requires email confirmation, you will receive an email from the list asking you to confirm your address. Once you have done so you will be successfully subscribed to the list.

If the mailing list requires both email confirmation and list administrator approval, you will first receive an email from the list asking you to confirm your address. Once you have done so (and only after you have done so) the list administrator will receive an email informing him/her of your request. After the list administrator has approved your request you will be successfully subscribed to the list.

The list members' home page has a description of what is required for a successful subscription (the "Subscribing to" section of that page).

Can I see who else is subscribed to a list?

Yes! The default setting is that once you've subscribed to a list, you can view the list of members for that list. The "members" link (on the lists directory) for your list will take you to the web interface to submit a request to view the list. If you cannot see who else is subscribed to the list, it means your list administrator has decided not to permit this function.

When I reply to someone else's post, my reply doesn't go to the entire list. Why?

By default, all mailing lists are set so replies to postings are sent to the poster, not to the entire list. Thus, in order to email the entire list you have to use the list's email address in your To: line. Your list administrator may change this behavior if he/she wishes.

How do I reply to the entire list?

Even though by default all replies to postings are sent to the poster, not to the entire list, if you want to reply to the entire list just mail your reply to the list address, as if it were a new post to the list (though with the appropriate "reply" subject header).

What is this confirmation email I keep getting every month?

By default, lists will periodically send out an email to you to confirm whether you wish to continue your subscription. Do nothing to stay subscribed. If your email or list preferences have changed, update your subscription using the "members" link for your list in the lists directory. The purpose of the automatically generated confirmation email is to provide a reminder to help ensure your email and subscription is always up-to-date. You can turn off this feature via the "members" link.

Can I send personal or commercial announcements to a list I'm a member of?

In general, personal and commercial announcements on these lists are not permitted unless they support the mission of the University, do not put the University into legal jeopardy (e.g. the University's tax-exempt status), and do not violate Computer Services' Acceptable Use Policy.

However, since community building is part of the mission of the University, it is anticipated that some personal announcements may be permitted. Use your better judgment. If the list gets flooded with personal announcements that is unacceptable. People will be upset their inboxes are being filled up and our hosting service might start billing us extra. If you're unsure, ask your list administrator if it's okay.

Why do attachments in the mailing list archives have a funny name?

Mailman archives both the body of emails sent to the list as well as attachments to those postings. It renames the attachment, however, giving it a new .obj suffix and providing a separate link in the archives you can use to download the file. This is done to prevent problems with viruses in attachments (details).

To view the attachment correctly, just download the attachment by clicking on the URL and rename the copy on your computer to the original filename (that name is given a few lines above the attachment URL). You can then treat the file as it originally was.

Where can I get more help on using mailing lists and managing my subscription?

The Mailman List Member Manual provides more information, in a helpful Q&A format. Also see the Mailman FAQ.

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