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Mailing Lists at North Park University


This site hosts email mailing lists for faculty, staff, and students at North Park University. The site uses the mailing list management program Mailman to manage subscriptions to the lists. Mailman provides a convenient web interface for list members as well as administrators. Links to the interfaces for all the lists are found in the lists directory.

Subscribing To a List

Find a list on the lists directory you're interested in subscribing to. Click the "members" link for that list. Scroll down, fill-in the pertinent information via the web form, and submit.

All lists are "double opt-in" and require not only submission of your email address but also confirmation of that address for the subscription to go through. Thus, you cannot subscribe someone else to a mailing list. Many lists also require list administrator approval for subscription.

Maintaining Your Subscription to a List

The "members" link will also take you to the web interface that lets you to edit your personal subscription settings. The interface has descriptions that will guide you through management of your account. For more information, see the list members FAQ.

Unsubscribing From a List

To unsubscribe, click the "members" link for your list (that link is found in the lists directory), scroll down, and fill-in the form, as appropriate.


Currently, all mailing list postings are archived. There is no guarantee, however, that the archives will be continuously maintained. Please save your own copies of important emails sent to lists you are subscribed to. See the "archive" link for your list in the lists directory.

Creating a List

Contact the npulists Site Administrator. Provide the following information: name of the group (short name for the list and a longer name), purpose of the list, names and emails of administrator(s), posting privileges desired (administrator only or all members of the list), projected frequency of posts, and projected number of members to the list.

Rules & Policies

  • Faculty and staff are eligible to create as many lists as desired. All lists created by faculty and staff must be moderated by those same faculty/staff members.
  • All officially recognized student groups are eligible to create two mailing lists. Groups wishing to create more than two mailing lists should contact the npulists Site Administrator.
  • These lists are used to support the mission of the University. Mailing lists solely for personal use are not permitted.
  • All use of the mailing lists are governed by Computer Services' Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Abuse of the mailing list privilege is subject to the same sanctions as abuse of any other North Park computing resource.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the npulists Site Administrator.

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